My name is Kat Day, I have a PhD in Chemistry, and I write science fact and science fiction.


My non-fiction has been published in Nature Chemistry and Private Eye magazine. I’ve also written for the websites Ask for Evidence (part of the Sense about Science campaign), Things We Don’t Know and WhatCulture Science.

In 2016 wrote a chapter for the book, The Secret Science of Superheroes, available for sale now on Amazon.

In 2015 my blog, the chronicle flask, won the ABSW Science Blog award, supported by Good Thinking.


My short fiction has been published at Daily Science Fiction and in 24 Stories: an anthology to raise funds for the PTSD-related needs of survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. 24 Stories is now for sale at all good bookshops. I also have a short story upcoming on the Cast of Wonders podcast.

I also have a blog of short stories and other fiction-related bits and pieces: the fiction phial.